Due to last years nightmare of royalmail losing parcels, covid restrictions etc, we are currently having a stock take and making sure listings are correct and conditions, at present most items are hidden but items will appear daily updated we was going to close website but instead i the owner have passed business to a family member to run whilst i am at  work , do not worry if not many items on we a trying to make items live soon as we can confirm items are in stock and in condition as listed , we will be back better and more professional and i apologise for all the covid issues last year,  and thanks for the kind supportive customers !

Updated Daily! Cheapest prices possible on Action figures , Diecast models and collectables , we also search websites to get you cheapest deals if we don't have it

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Great deals for you ...

Eternia Collectables Toy & collectables Website Birmingham uk, is a collectables store that sells Toys, Model Diecast cars, Action figure, Books, Ceramics, Ephemhia, Antiques, Art and anything that collectors may collect we sell allsorts for all tastes and all budgets we are a Website based in Birmingham UK,Boba Fett Star Wars Premium Format(TM) Figure

I am a expert in anything collectable from the 1970's -1990's period i have been dealing in collectables mainly retro toys for just over 25 years at Toy Fairs, Ebay and mail order (Before feebay we used classifieds in collector magazines) and we run several Youtube channels helping collectors out with valuations and reviews.

We sell retro action figures such as Transformers, Star wars, Action Force, Masters of the Universe and most the awesome 1980's toy brands and series.

One of a main and most popular category is our collectable Diecast Model cars, trains and planes all the classic brands like Matchbox, Corgi, Solido, Minichamps and much more,

Basically my mission with this Website is to offer and sell collectables worldwide at the cheapest prices possible and hopefully in the upcoming years grow and help other collectors by allowing them to list on my site at a fraction of what eBay charge but that's for the future if i gain the support from all you collectors out there,

I did eBay for over fifteen years and like so many sellers aswell as buyers  became frustrated with eBay and felt we were just money machines and no loyalty just more rules and fee's implied on us,  they just forgot there core customers and sellers and who made them become so well loved back in the early 2000's now i major number of them same customers spend time doing Blogs in disgust about them ( never bite the hand that feeds you)

So i know a lot of people have left eBay the sellers who think practises judgements and fee's not even mentioning stress of eBay messages , blackmail 24 hrs a day being suspended for no real reason maybe a address you moved too or competitor notifying eBay about you falsely yes this is a common tactic on eBay,

Then the buyers who have to go through pages of fake shipped from china items just to finally after maybe a hour if not already given up to find what you want! 

So my plan was no more Ebay 15 years of building a massive customer base to get suspended for reasons they will not honestly tell me. 15 years of selling toys not drugs or weapons but second hand toys...they asked me for my passport accounts etc provided everything but still banned urm!!!! loyalty zero, and i had 99.9%  feedback over 200,000 feedback and a top rated power seller ,

So i thought to myself after eBay gave me a funny phone call asking me why i am not doing eBay anymore as i was doing so well.
I had to explain you suspended me, i decided i can not risk ever doing eBay like this ever again as i had shop four staff and eBay stopped this and lost five people there jobs at a click of a button,

I would start up this website and my various Youtube channels as i was paying up to 4,000 pounds a month in  seller fee's and they had cheek to put adverts on my listings so earning even more from me than just my final value fee's

So i thought if i do you tube and my own website i can earn from advertising and money i earn helps running costs of the website so basically no costs which means i can sell things cheaper than i ever did on eBay, 

Basically what we do to make our products so cheap is to work as affiliates for many large companies such as Amazon, Build a Bear, Toys R Us , Alibaba , wholesale diecast, Abe Books, sideshow collectibles plus loads more major websites , 

What this means is is search the Internet for great deals and offers on items we think matches your Interest and hope you will like and purchase and if you do we earn a little commission which helps our running and stock costs and unlike Ebay we pass savings onto our customers , 

Many collectors think my prices are to good to be true on many items but this is why i honestly want to stop collectors getting ripped off my major corporations who have taken advantage of us over the years.

I hope you the collectors support me in this mission and stop these evil corporations stealing our well hard earned money.  and us collectors and sellers can put this passion  back in our own hands once again.

Basically Fellow collectors my mission here is to try and get all my previous eBay customers back via this website and offer the great deals i once did on my eBay Ajaystoys and lokicollectables sites ...

Also this website is in early stages of being built it gets updated daily which new stock listed every day 
i accept cheques (uk only)
Bank Transfers and Paypal


Well i don't think this company needs no introduction really, easily one of the best websites in the world to buy items from may in be a book, a toy or even a phone charger, 

What i like about Amazon is there customer service and the page layout unlike eBay the navigation and ease to find items is simple none of this endless pages of duplicated Chinese imported stuff . 

I will say Amazon on collectables tends to be a bit more expensive then eBay but the sellers are more trustworthy , but things like books electronics are very cheap compared to High Street stores there certainly worth checking out and they do great deals such as free Amazon prime with purchases on selected items and free postage,

A Global giant that deserves its place in the e commerce retail world, as much as us small sellers may complain they did what we all dreamt of doing dethroning ebay!!!....


One of the most awesome and connected with its customers companies out there,
I love this company not just the  most truly amazing creations of real life realistic looking sculptures and action figures they make

Also the way the staff and management act , the company reminds me of a artists college full of cool dudes but with great business sense,  

They saw a gap in the market and realises adults have more money to buy toys than kids do, so went around making the most accurate looking replica pieces of pop culture collectibles with the notion money is no object in the way of perfection..

Honestly checkout my link to this company its breath taking how talented these people are prices do appear more than the usual action figure but normal action figures don't look like what sideshow sell

you also have to be fast to purchase there items they sell out very fast..
as they are made in very low run can even buy a full size Star Wars Boba Fett figure from them if you are a person who happens to have eight thousand dollars spare,


May it be books your after rare, textbook unusual you name it Abebooks are sure to have it basically the ebay of books this website offers great value on anytNew & Secondhand Textbooks at book related from various sellers and book stores from around the world i highly recommend this site another of my favourite websites for that weird book your odd ball mate would love as a birthday present, or maybe a family member studying i have bought several medical books for a family member from this site at always been extremely happy with service I've received. 

Abebooks sell both bargain textbooks for students but also rare first editions costing several hundred pounds so something for all tastes and budgets. 
be sure to check them out ..


ALIBABA is one of the newest favourite websites and companies ,

I had a interview for McDonalds a little time back and one of the questions was what company do you admire the most and respect and to be honest its jack ma the founder of alibaba a very inspirational fellow indeed,

what he did was basically build a company that now most the products you see on eBay come from his website, very clever man indeed

If any one reads his story seriously this guy applied for 30 jobs and got rejected by all included fast food restaurants ,
as if Mcdonalds would think they inspire me get of your high horse i hate Mcdonalds, any man who worked for free to be around English speakers to learn there language its a wise man ,

His company is just brilliant basically its mostly for bulk purchasing items so if you are a retailer on Amazon or eBay this company puts you in contact with factory's which produce the products so you can by direct from factory before it even hits eBay or Amazon,

So prices are very cheap and you can barter with companies to get even cheaper prices you can even send companies uploaded designs of your own ideas and they will build it,

 A brilliant website may take a minute or two to fully understand if you not been on it before ,

The image link i have given is for alibaba's aliexpress website basically a Asian (Chinese) very cheap online shopping mall prices are unbelievable and many items are cutting edge shipping very cheap or even free.

Its certainly worth checking out currently one of the most searched sites in the world has been huge in Asia for a while but thankfully its getting huge everywhere....

Seriously there is no point eBay existing with this website this site is better and cheaper to buy Chinese imported items anything from watches, toys, cloths anything really you want

Eternia Collectables

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