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Beryl natural Crystal specimen in box #3

ITEM:  Natural Beryl crystal in display box

DESCRIPTION:Beryl specimen formulated from (Madagascar)

SIZE: APPROX 35-40mm



Beryl Properties
It’s often colorless, but it’s also frequently colored by impurities.Beryl is a beryllium aluminium cyclosilicate. It consists of beryllium and aluminum metals and rings of silicates.
It has prismatic crystals which may be pyramidal or transparent.This stone also has a vitreous, translucent, or transparent luster.
The colors of Beryl range from green to red, blue, yellow, and white. When pure beryl contains impurities and inclusions, the color of the stone also changes.
The yellow-colored Beryl is known as Heliodor, while a blue Beryl is known as Aquamarine.
Pink Beryl is known as Morganite, while the deep variety is known as Bixbite.
Without its wonderful colorful variations, Beryl will just be an ordinary gemstone with average brilliance and fire!
The meaning of Beryl in Sanskrit and Italian is ‘light green semi-precious gemstone’and ‘blue green from the sea’.  Beryl is found in both metamorphic and igneous rocks all over the world. It’s well-known for its high hardness, transparency, and dazzling colors.
It can be found in countries like the USA, Brazil, Russia, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, and Pakistan. There are also Beryl deposits in Colombia, Sweden, Norway, Austria, and Germany.


Why Would You Use Beryl?
Beryl will not only show you how you can do all the things that you need to do within the required period. It will also show you how you can deal with the daily
stresses of life.This stone will help you let go of your unnecessary or unwanted emotional baggage.It will show you how you can process your old feelings so that they will no longer affect your present or your future.The energies of this stone will fill you with courage and confidence to figure out the next step in your life journey.
It will remind you of your talents and abilities, and it will help you unlock and realize your potentials!
Beryl is often used as a crystal ball of sorts because it will help you find the answers that you seek when it comes to your personal, professional, and spiritual life.

The Crystal Disclaimer

Crystal healing and other types of energy work are not to be considered as a substitute for conventional medicine. If you have a serious health issue, you should consult your doctor and make complementary healing part of a complete health care programme.

Due to recent changes in UK Law enacted on 26th May 2008, at Love & Creations we  would like to advise that when we talk about, discuss or hand out literature relating to the healing properties of crystals and stones, we are communicating our own personal beliefs and the results of our own extensive research.Just because a crystal or stone is alleged to have one or more healing properties, either physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, it does not mean that you will definitely experience or benefit from any such properties. I'am A Qualified Reiki Healer and will not put any Reiki energy into the stones without being asked to do so,
its all about the clients wishes to do so or not!

Cleansing and Clearing your Crystal:
**please note:**
it is very important to clean and cleanse your crystals, so your crystal only has your energy on it..
Do not share your crystals they are adapted to your energy only..

Each crystal you receive or new item you should always clean and cleanse
when your crystal gets delivered and leaves me it is touched by many hands which is exposing your crystals to many levels of energy touching your parcel, 
Crystals hold the energy imprint of the last person they touched,
Cleanse your crystals when you first receive them and after using them with others to ensure they are attuned to your energy vibrations..

There are many ways to cleanse crystals, some will be damaged by water so if you are not sure use another method other than water.
Here are a few i find really effective and to which i use myself!!


  1. Simply wash your crystal under running water, (A stream is best but tap water will do!.)
  2. Bury your crystal in sea salt or a combination of sea salt and filtered water..
  3. Or you can pass your crystal through the smoke of a smudging stick or swiftly the light of a candle!
In all cases what ever you choice the best method for you, hold the intention to cleanse your crystal and visualize it clear and ready for work..

feel free  to ask a question about this product.

POSTAGE RATES: based on a packaging weighing 60 grams please see shipping rates section or checkout and website will calculate shipping automatically

Price: £2.50

Beryl natural Crystal specimen in box #3

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